Micro Mini Skirts

By Rieza R

Having a sexy body does not mean having to wear an open shirt and showing private parts. A smart way inspired by the brand Abercrombie collection, following micro mini skirts will complement the sexiness of your body. Make you look sexy and smart.

1. Micro Lace Skirts

Comfortable lace and sweet make you look more feminine. Pair with a blouse that will make you look like a princess, with high heels which will give the impression of long legs for you. You ready to hang out in places most WomanOnly cozy style.

2. Shirts And Skirts

It is remarkable if you are relaxed moments the lovers T-shirts can be combined with mini-skirts made ​​from socks. Make you feel more comfortable and casual. Sporty impression that normally you can not leave still noticeable and will make you feel comfort with your new look.

3. Print Micro Skirts

If the motive for this printing was applied to the mini / long dress, now is the time micro skirts design combines the sweetness of printing materials and pieces.

4. Cute Micro Skirts

Accessories alloy ribbon at the waist gives you a clever trick to have a small waist. The impression is wider and contains will make you confident step with this beautiful micro skirts.

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