Tricks, Shown Younger

By. Rieza R

Always look younger than your age is the desire of every woman. Many artists perform a variety of expensive treatments for a younger look. Will you always look younger every day?

It is very easy and simple

1. Choose clothes with bright colors

Bright colors will greatly affect your appearance. Do not be too frequent use of dark colors just because they want to look slim. Look slim is not necessarily influenced by the color. Design and pieces of clothing are also a big influence. But the brightly colored clothes always gives the impression that the younger you.

Choosing a bright color clothes sometimes be difficult for you. The fear was too ‘flirty’ would never arise. Do not worry about it excessively. Just search for bright colors that match your skin. Match the same design and shape your body. Age you will look younger 2-3 years.

2. Do not forget to drink tea

Tea contains antioxidants. The benefits are health care for your skin. Helps prevent wrinkles and premature aging. Tea also helps care for the beauty of the body. Tea gives a sense of relaxed and comfortable for your body. Justify you have benefited very much from this tea.

3. Short Hair Style

This one thing you know a big impact. Do not ever ignore this important case. Do not be too afraid to cut your hair short. Short hair styles in addition to practical, it also gives the impression of more fresh. Of course you must be clever to choose a model. Try searching for some short hair styles. Consult your subscription at the salon. Add attractive colors and fit for your skin. Do not be afraid to experiment.

4. Always stand up and sit in an upright position

Standing and sitting in an upright position is good for you. In addition to maintaining the stability of the body. Body shape is also influenced by your movement. If we are sluggish, often bent so your bones will gradually follow. Sitting in an upright position also affects the abdominal form you know. Few hold your stomach when sitting. Do it continuously. Your stomach will be slimmer. Not believe? Please prove it first.

5. Youthful smile is a drug most efficacious

Drugs will not make us lose, do not need money, and is not addictive smile. Plenty of smiles. 1000 will bring a smile every second of our youth. There is no harm in it your first smile at people you meet on the street. In addition to youth, adding new relations as well.

6. Chewing gum as facial gymnastics

Many people do gymnastics in hopes of reducing facial wrinkles on the face. You can do it yourself. Wherever and whenever. The trick? Like candy right? Yes. Chewing can reduce the tedium, and you always need to keep the freshness of breath. Try changing your candy with gum. Chewing is a great activity for facial gymnastics. Can be done at leisure, at work, on the road. Do not disturb others. And do not take your busy time.

7. Walking extend life

Walking good for your body. In addition to improving blood flow in the body, on foot also trains your muscles. Muscles that often gets exercise makes you look more refreshed, and triggers the feeling of pleasure and comfort. So you can look fresh, healthy and youthful.

Let’s try all these easy tips. Who does not want to stay young and look younger?


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