Dark Colored Clothing Care Tips

By. Rieza R

Are you lovers of dark colored clothes but hate to see the colors that quickly fade? Do not worry, because with these tips, all your dark clothes will stay looking like new.
It was common knowledge when a dark colored shirt to give the impression of an elegant and slim on the wearer. Therefore, in every cupboard you, however you will save a few new clothes or dark-colored pants, possibly t-shirts, shirts or jeans. Have a dark colored shirt and pants is profitable for you, but sometimes also can make you irritated, especially if the color is easily washed and ironed fade repeatedly.

Caring for a dark-colored clothing as difficult with white clothes, they both have a challenge. If wearing a white shirt in general we are afraid of the stain, whereas the dark-colored clothing we are afraid of color quickly faded. Actually it can be solved by the following ways.

Washing dark clothes we should not carelessly, there are steps we need to do to keep dark clothes and did not fade.

Do not soak the dark-colored clothing is more than 15 minutes

Use a detergent for colored clothing, avoid detergents containing bleach

• When drying clothes, outer clothes should be reversed and placed inside, then hanging with hanger

Often we forget and do not realize that the hot iron can also damage the color of clothing.

Set the iron temperature and put on medium temperature, not too hot

Always back when ironing clothes (such as during drying), and then reversed again when folded)

Clothes store we should be more careful and responsive, there must be special treatment in order to keep clothes clean and durable.

Do not store clothes in a place exposed to direct sunlight, but do not also keep in damp because mold will ruin it. Note the temperature of the cabinet, the cabinet in order to save water absorbent stay dry and not damp

Do not spray perfume or cologne directly on clothes because alcohol can damage the color of clothes.

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